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Daniela Bonerba - management consultant in author rights -

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What about the Foreign Rights Departement

Daniela Bonerba is a management consultant specialized in author and illustrator rights. In our offices we work with publishers and illustrators in the children's book market. We manage world rights of our clients, French Children's Book Publishers and international illustrators whose books we represent in France and in the foreign market. Our goal is to improve their turnover by promoting their projects, catalogs and portfolio.

...And more... consulting & training organisation offering services for companies of different sizes and authors

For publishing companies and authors we have developed a program to help them introduce their catalogs and projects in the foreign market. We guide them on their first steps in managing the entire chain of the process: taking part in Book Fairs, selling author rights or translation rights, drafting their first contracts, getting to know the different markets of different countries, building for them a “foreign rights department”.

Providing the company with knowledge essential to getting established and to planning a program that could suit the requirements of the foreign market, the training will help the publisher improve turnover.