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25,5 cm × 38 cm

40 pages

Price: 22,90€

Samy Bear’s journey

by Bernard Villiot & Pierre Charentus

Samy Bear is different from other children; a bear-like being in a world of humans. One day, he knows he will be free of the laughter and sarcasm. Samy has been working on building his boat for many months, while learning to play the banjo. An instrument given to him by his dear Mrs. Brown and which has the power to make it rain.

“Music will be your friend. It'll drive out your boredom, she says.

- Will you teach me ?

- Listen to the rain. It will teach you”.

Along the way, Samy Bear will make several decisive encounters; like the man who dreamed of being a giant. One morning, when he woke up, his wish had been granted. And the Earth had become so small that he visited it in a flash. He had done in a day what normally took a whole lifetime.

An initiatory journey, a poetic tale, this story, besides challenging difference, tells us about ideals and a utopia. Samy Bear’s quest takes us back to our own quests, which we often forget as we grow up. This story teaches us that no matter what life holds in store for us, we mustn’t forget our childhood dreams.