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64 pages


A Dog's Name

by François David and Henri Galeron

Mimouche, Miosotys, Nestor, Oulala, Ouistiti... Dogs often have funny names. From the chihuahua to the chow-chow, the cursinu to the barbichon, the Irish setter to the Czechoslovakian wolfdog, François David and Henri Galeron render an adorable hommage to our faithful companions and to all their jokes and jests. They offer us a book full of humour, invention and an immense tenderness towards our four-legged friends.


A DOG'S NAME is their eighth work together, in which they display a magnificent creative liberty. A funny and touching collection of poems, sumptuously illustrated.



François David has released nearly one hundred titles with around thirty different publishers. His books, which often receive rewards, have been translated in several countries. Several of his texts have been adapted for the theatre, in France and abroad.


Henri Galeron is one of the greatest French illustrators. In 2012, he was nominated for the Andersen Award, considered to be the "Little Nobel" for youth literature. He is equally known for his extraordinary books realised with Harlin-Quist, then with Éditions des Grandes Personnes, as for his Folio covers or for his... stamps.

In addition to their books with møtus, François David and Henri Galeron have also published together "A Small Flame in the Night" with Bayard publications and "Nursery Rhymes for Giving Up" with Actes-Sud Junior.


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