Founded in 2014, A Pas de Loups specializes in picture books and currently has 60 titles in its catalog. This young publishing house was named after a French expression: “Marcher à pas de loup” which means walking silently, as wolves would. Wolves can stay still, but they can also howl. Similarly, our catalog oscillates: tender stories and dreamy wordless leporellos on one side; colorful art books, loud bestiaries, and roaringly funny picture books on the other. Since 2016, we have completed our offer with a series of short illustrated novels for children who are just starting to read.


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Picture Books illustrated by Géraldine Alibeu

Picture Books illustrated by Herbéra

Picture Books illustrated by Cécile Gambini

Picture Books illustrated by Sophie Daxhelet

Picture Books illustrated by Csil

Picture Books illustrated by Audrey Calleja

Picture Books illustrated by Julia Chausson


The Incredible Almayer Library

Picture Books illustrated by Carole Chaix

Books illustrated by Albertine

Books illustrated by Éva Offredo

Picture Books illustrated by Françoise Rogier

Bundle up!
The Upside down Forest
Grandma, that's enough!
The Right Place
Pink Pig
Chook, chook all gone
The pigs trick

Picture Books

by various artists

Quick, quick, Chloé
L'appel du large
Alexander's Forest
The other side
Telling Animal Tales
A flea's paradise
My dog my dad and me
Why does the artichoke have purple..
The wolf and the chick
A flower
Uchiki s painting

Fiction - 8 and up!


Short Novels


Board Books



Collective works



Maria Jalibert


Leporello - art work


All age groups, 54 pages - 20 x 13 cm