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Picture Book

2 and up 24.8 X 33.02 cm

40 pages

Hardcover CAN $21,95

A Rolling Stone

by Corinne Boutry & Anne Villeneuve

This morning, squirrel found a beautiful apple, not wormy or anything, with just a touch of brown at the place where it hit the ground by falling. A dream meal to enjoy with friends.

Between friends? Oh no. Our squirrel is smart. And a bit selfish ...

A funny and breathtaking story. An apple hunt!

Themes: animals, sharing, friendship

The author:

Translator-corrector by trade, Corinne Boutry has explored with delight the world of children's literature. One of her books was selected for the Incorruptibles award.

The illustrator:

Anne Villeneuve is the author and illustrator of fifty or so children's picture books. She is now exploring graphic novels for adults. Her books have earned several prestigious awards.

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