15 years and up

13,5 x 21 cm

624 pages

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by Laëtitia Danae



Lune pourpre, between magic and shamanism, reason and madness, the initiation will be addictive.

The successful series continues! After “Initiée” (Initiated) and “Asservie” (Enslaved) Laëtitia Danaë has completed the third and last volume of the series “Lune Pourpre” (Purple Moon). In the Kingdom of Hibendrill the tension is at its height as each character is called upon to face a series of challenges. Moira is preparing for the final battle, thanks to the secrets of the first Amazons ...

● The series Purple Moon that shakes up and plays with the codes of fantasy, a wonderful discovery for reviewers!

"A superb universe full of love, magic and adventure!" LIVREADDICT

"Absolutely brilliant" BOOKNODE

"A fascinating tale" LIVRESAVIE.COM

"On the programme: adventure, romance and magic" ACTUALITTÉ.COM

"A spellbinding story" CULTURA

"A must-read!!! A real page-turner!" FNAC


● An audience of unconditional fans on the internet and in book fairs.


● Lilith, the character that audiences follow in her education, her suffering and her evolution.

The Book:

In this latest installment, although Moira is still central to the plot, numerous events take place all over Hibendrill. It's time for the heroine to prepare for the final battle. The chest found at Fall Marma contains indications written in the original Amazonian language. To dig deeper, she goes to the lands of the first Amazons where she makes the incredible discovery of the Nephilim. A peaceful people who have taken refuge in the farthest reaches of Hibendrill, they do not wish to have anything to do with the wars in the kingdom. They represent the last chance to defeat King Donovan.

In this last volume, each character pursues their own quest, a quest that will bring their stone to the building and will enable the story to proceed to the final outcome.

The Author:

Laëtitia Danae is a young woman who was born one April 20th in the region of Paris. She grew up in France, though she has origins from five different countries. She became attracted to the smell of books at around the age of ten after receiving a gift that changed everything. It is not until the age of fifteen that she launched herself in the adventure in trying her hand at writing. Fantasy has always been an obvious penchant for her, a way of living her dreams through her characters.

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