Young Adult

13,5 x 21 cm

384 pages

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Starless Skies



The Book:


In 2312, mankind, tired of political systems and their representatives as we know them, voluntarily agrees to give up a large part of their civil rights in exchange for guaranteed peace and stability.An organisation known as the Conglomerate comes into power that brings together the world's twenty largest economies. This governs all peoples for a period of ten-years per term. In the midst of a technological revolution, new companies are using biomedical inventions, including cybernetic implants, which look after and improve human beings while adapting them to their new environment. It is within this context that the Earth continues to colonise the solar system with the Synope mission, whose two spaceships are to travel to Proxima Centauri. But the first ship is mysteriously halted and destroyed during the journey by an invisible barrier that stops all electrical transmission. In spite of their efforts, the technicians of the second spaceship are unable to understand the reasons for this tragedy, and one of them, the biologist Béron, vanishes in space ...


Not just a failure in itself, it seems that the mission also has serious consequences for the Earth – the collision of the ship with the invisible wall is apparently responsible for an unexplained cataclysm, the original Resonance ... will then reveal an extraordinary reality hitherto hidden from human eyes: fantastic creatures with incredible abilities have been living all around them for thousands of years ... It is suggested they provide the original source for most tales and legends.

For most humans and creatures, this resonance, finally named Newcy, becomes a drama that upsets their lives. New species, new sources of uncertainty and fears such as humans had not experienced for a very long time. They all enter a “starless sky” ...


The Author:


Teacher of French literature and history at a vocational high school, Yoann Dubos, 34, loves his work even though it isn’t always easy. Working alongside adolescents with powerful and often contradictory feelings provides a constant source of inspiration. Sharing their daily lives offers equal degrees of satisfaction and frustration, but that’s the way he likes it.

What defines Yoann Dubos above all is his love of fantasy worlds. Inveterate gamer, whether it be video games, TCG or board games, he was hooked to imaginary worlds right from a tender age. Films, TV series and Manga, especially fantasy or SciFi, complete his geeklike appetite.



by Yoann Dubos