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An Elephant In Paradise

by Thierry Cazals & Ana Yael


is never like this or that


doesn't fit in any word

not even the word "paradise"

looks like paradise at all

that’s how it is for almost everything


otherwise words would stick to things

things would stick to words

and we wouldn't be able to

sneak through

With a PH.D in Sociology, former "Cahier du cinema" journalist Thierry Cazals is an accomplished poet. He is also a fine connoisseur of Japanese poetry. After "Le petit cul tout blanc du hare" (The little white bum of the hare) (Cabourg Book Fair award) illustrated by Zaü,"L’enfant qui avait peur du silence" (The child who was afraid of silence) and "Mon ami Merlin"(My friend Merlin), Un éléphant au paradis is his fourth book to be published by Møtus.


Sarbacane, La renarde rouge, L’Iroli have also published his work.


Talented young Spanish illustrator Ana Yaël has designed book covers mostly in Spain.

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