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The Appenzell family

by Sebastien Perez & Benjamin Lacombe

The Appenzells, a rich English family, have always lived a life of luxury. They swear by what is beautiful and sumptuous. The birth of little Charles casts a shadow on the scene though because this child is different. He comes into the world with horns. Charles is what is called a “freak”: a human monster, a fairground beast; the shame of the family, and that is putting it mildly.

Against the advice of everyone, Charles marries Dorothy, to whom nature has also not been kind. Greatly in love with each other, they have lots of children. The children are “different” too, but they all have a gift – a little extra soul. This family of monsters may seem unusual, of course. But if their lives are different and they are ready to smile, they are not so different from us.

The Appenzell family is the exact copy of the family album left by Victoria Appenzell, a descendant of the “cursed clan”, to her granddaughter Eloise. The photographs and letters she has collected in it tell the story of this incredible family, from the birth of Eugenie, the daughter of Charles and Dorothy, to that of the youngest, Eloise (births, marriages, deaths, bankruptcies, success ...).

Through a succession of watercolor photographs in the daguerreotype style and notes written by Eugenie and Victoria, the events that affect the Appenzells are interspersed with anecdotes about some of the most remarkable members of the family.

Showing that differences can be enriching, The Appenzell family is a funny, touching picture album, as well as a written testimony of communities who are often persecuted.

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