Young Adult

13,5 x 21 cm

416 pages

​18 €

A police investigation in London at the end of the 19th century. Murder, drugs, poverty: a discordant mix.

The fantastic novel for 13-year-olds and up that has made a buzz on social networks and online, available at last in book form!

The first novel of a crazily talented young writer, well-noticed among the young generation of "3.0 authors".


The Book:


The story gravitates around a Victorian manor, where the Henwoorths live, a seemingly perfect family that has made a fortune thanks to the selling of diamonds in the capital. However, it appears that numerous secrets hover around the manor and its inhabitants. How might one explain the mysterious cloud of ashes that drifts out of their workshop?

To lead the investigation, the reader will follow two main characters: Agathe Sildarat and Nathaniel Depford, a young man of 27 years who works as a lighter of street lamps in the old town.

From dark streets of the capital, through a Victorian manor, society gatherings where diamond is king, to taverns where opium circulates in the veins.

Plunge into the dark side of London... But watch out, nobody comes out unscathed from such a trip.

London, 1888. Nathaniel and Luna live in an ill-famed neighbourhood of the East-End. To survive, they are obliged to sell items they have stolen.

At the same time, in Westminster, Agathe accepts to become the domestic servant of the Henwoorth family. Their destiny will change dramatically the day Nathaniel discovers a body.

Agathe is a rather naïve young woman ready for anything in order to pay for the medication of her sick mother, who has been hired as an accessory maker for the Henwoorths. However, quickly, the elder son of the family, Archibald, proves to be strange... What is he really expecting from her? And what if an entirely different destiny were awaiting her?

Nathaniel Depford is an orphan and knows little to nothing about his origins. However, when Luna, whom he considers as his sister, disappears and strange nightmares come back to the surface, his fragile world vacillates... Will he succeed in finding Luna again with the help of the police? Or should he take the path alone in order to understand the obscure forces that pull the strings backstage? And what if his past were to catch up with him?



● A detective plot in the style of Arthur Conan Doyle that mixes the codes of adventure, fantasy and gothic literature.

● Thanks to the author's research, the internet audience was won over by the descriptions of London in the 19th century.

● A more realistic and exciting vision of London than ever, between the ill-famed neighbourhoods, the inns and the places of debauch on the ond hand, and the high society manors on the other.

● A novel in the pure "steampunk" style, mixing inventions, coined words and realistic 19th century descriptions.

Target Audience:

Young Adult


The Book:


Johanna Marines was born in 1992 in Montpellier, in the south of France. As a child, she imagined herself being an astronaut or an archaeologist, yet twenty-six years later her daily life is a lot less adventurous than expected! Passionate about science and biotechnology, she is currently writing a research thesis after studying pharmacy.

Highly influenced by speculative and science fiction novels such as René Barjavel's The Ice People or Estelle Faye's Un éclat de givre, she likes to imagine probable futures mankind may strive for. After several short stories and her debut sci-fi novel Airstronomy, published in June 2018 by Mots en Flots, she is now writing a Steampunk novel for Editions des Cendres.


by Johanna Marines