Big Bad and Shady

By Nathalie Vessié-Hodges

A clumsy and famished anti-hero, "Big Bad and Shady, with dark salacious eyes of a crook " plunge into a collection of tales so as to be nourished, in the manner of our glorious ancestors. But he has made us wait so long...
Following Leonard's Casting, which appeared in 2019, Nathalie Vessié-Hodges here reimagines a tale.
Inspired by the anglo-saxon school (Helen Oxenbury, Babette Cole...), her characters, realised in felt pen, are a constant homage to cartoons. The comical nature of the situations, accentuated by
rhyming narration, will delight the reader to "hunger", which will certainly not be of the kind

Picture Book
64 pages
24 x 16,8 cm
16 euros

© 2012 

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