Picture Book

36 pages

20 × 20 cm

15 euros

Cardboard Cover


by Mickaël Soutif​


Alejandro, on his way home after a good meal, meets at the corner of the street a strangely... skeleton lady.


A young traveling illustrator, Mickaël Soutif offers us a close-up immersion of the Day of the Dead ceremonies in Mexico, thanks to his frescoes made of modeling lively coloured play-dough with extreme precision. Armed with this ethnological scenery, he tells us a story all in light-hearted rhymes, a wonderful occasion to evoke death from a perfectly original point of view.


Here, there is no grief in 5 or 6 steps, no evocation (reserved, tolerant, syncretic) of a hypothetical "after-life", no incitement to go over memories supposed to fill the absence, for as he understood very well during his trip to Mexico: "we're all going to die, so why not have a laugh!"