Illustrated Book

Age group: from 6 years old

Pages: 48 -- Format: 22 x 16 cm -- RP: 9.90 €

Clotaire and his Bathing Gear

...are not sea cucumbers, nor white sea urchins of the south seas, nor baby groupers, nor...

by Anne-Fleur DRILLON and Étienne FRIESS

The Clotaires, a family of super-hero hamsters, like to spend their vacation on the seaside. One morning, Clotaire goes walking along the beach in a green-striped bathing suit. Bad idea ! The hamster is captured by hermit crabs, persuaded that they've met with a sea cucumber... and determined to deliver him to the Super Mean & Awful Seagulls, who are very fond of sea cucumbers !


In this adventure, Clotaire will cross pathes with a trio of scatty pelicans, a surfer hamster with a look like... how to say?...- oh darn, well, read this book and you will see -, as well as plenty of other creatures, with skin, feathers, shells... each one nuttier than the other ! 


Will Clotaire make it through, or will he end up on the seagulls' dinner plate? Plenty of suspense, exciting twists and turns, fun and wacky humour: it's all happening in this book !

© 2012 

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