Cotton Blues deluxe cover.jpg

Picture Book

5 and up 24 X 32 cm

40 pages

Hardcover € 14

Cotton Blues

by Régine Joséphine & Oreli Gouel

Cotton… That’s not a name, and yet it’s hers.

The master chose it to make fun of her coarse hair, to laugh at her big eyes and especially at her skin which is so dark it looks like it was made from the night sky.

How old is Cotton?

Not even she knows. Ten, twelve maybe. Old enough to be sold, old enough to work…

She’s also called Cotton because on the plantation, cotton is treasure and wealth.

Because without the fields of snowy fluff, the master wouldn’t be worth much…

Cotton doesn’t say a thing. No sound has ever escaped her lips. Perhaps she’s mute. Nobody knows, but the truth is that Cotton’s head is filled with dreams.