Do as you please!


by Michel Boucher

10,5 x 15 cm / 32 p. / 4,60 € 


“Be like this, be like that !”. Never mind the words and ‘good advice’, find your own way, do what really works for you…do as you please! This is the message behind the latest Mouchoir de poche by Michel Boucher.

The author plays around with sentences, transforming them and hiding words so children can discover the spontaneous pleasure of reading between the lines.



After studying architecture at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, Michel Boucher started illustrating children’s books. Over some twenty-five years, he has illustrated more than a hundred works, notably for editors Albin-Michel, Gulf Stream and Thierry Magnier.

He is a regular participant in IUFM and IUT book trade training courses and is part of the art direction for the Centre de l’Illustration de Moulins in Allier. 


© 2012 

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