15 years and up

13,5 x 21 cm

408 pages

​18€ TTC


by Laëtitia Danae



Lune pourpre, between magic and shamanism, reason and madness, the initiation will be addictive.


The successful internet series continues!


With Initiated, Laëtitia Danae made a thunderous breakthrough in the universe of fantasy, and now here we have the second volume in the series Purple Moon. In the cursed kingdom of Hibendrill, darkness prevails: Lilith has seen several of her companions disappear. She must now face the worst suffering...

● The series Purple Moon that shakes up and plays with the codes of fantasy, a wonderful discovery for reviewers!

"A superb universe full of love, magic and adventure!" LIVREADDICT

"Absolutely brilliant" BOOKNODE

"A fascinating tale" LIVRESAVIE.COM

"On the programme: adventure, romance and magic" ACTUALITTÉ.COM

"A spellbinding story" CULTURA

"A must-read!!! A real page-turner!" FNAC


● An audience of unconditional fans on the internet and in book fairs.

● Lilith, the character that audiences follow in her education, her suffering and her evolution.

The Book:

After the terrible battle of the Woods of Murmurs which concludes the first volume, the city of Sanshee is very vulnerable. Young Lilith has seen several of her companions disappear. Given the name Moira when she arrives among the Marked Brows, she no longer has the choice but to learn to toughen up. More determined than ever, King Donovan seems ready for anything in order to establish his power and to drive the hidden people out into the open. To stop him, only one solution exists: infiltrate the enemy city Fall Marma and search out a supreme weapon to bring down the enemy regime once and for all. It is Moira that must take on the heavy task of wearing chains, of being enslaved.

The Author:

Laëtitia Danae is a young woman who was born one April 20th in the region of Paris. She grew up in France, though she has origins from five different countries. She became attracted to the smell of books at around the age of ten after receiving a gift that changed everything. It is not until the age of fifteen that she launched herself in the adventure in trying her hand at writing. Fantasy has always been an obvious penchant for her, a way of living her dreams through her characters.