Picture Book

23 × 21 cm

24 pp.

14 €

three years and up



Hide the carrot

by Maria Jalibert

Where are the carrots hidden?

In the city, in the garden, in the desert, near the castle or in the mountains?

Help the rabbits find their carrots, and also lots of other little things hidden in the big colourful landscapes.

Cache-Cache Carrot/Hide the carrot is an entertaining seek-and-find book, made entirely with toys, where the child will have fun searching for, finding and observing a multitude of small treasures mischievously hidden by Maria Jalibert.


A graduate of Fine Arts in Toulouse, Maria Jalibert learned the book trade in Bordeaux, worked in a bookstore, then published her first book in 1999. While tidying up her children's room for the hundredth time, she had the idea of using their toys to create the book Bric à brac, published in 2013. Since then Maria has continued to draw, cut, paint and photograph for her album projects, illustrations and posters.