19 x 24 cm

56 p.

14 € 


High Tide

by Valérie Strullu

“ I used to live on an island. I often enjoyed eating fish and I took a malicious pleasure in catching it. But one night before stepping into my bath ... "

HIGH TIDE draws us into an astonishing and highly mysterious metamorphosis of a fisherman who turns into a fish. His new body gives him another perception of the world and the Other. Valérie Strullu playfully deals with the issue of our relationship with ourselves and what we eat, while plunging us into a gentle and colourful marine universe.


Valérie Strullu made her name with the albums published by Éditions Âne Bâté, in particular “Le Chercheur d'os”, “Couic”, “Chats en forme” and “Mon Voisin”, which received the Petit Grain de Sel prize . For møtus she wrote and illustrated “Oscar le calamari”, in the Mouchoir de poche series.


The author lives in Pont-Croix, Brittany.