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Picture book

26 cm x 38 cm

64 pages



The Incredible Catalogue of Monsters

By Grégoire Kocjan - Mateo Dineen

Loreileï sees monsters everywhere. Of course, nobody believes her.

Fascinated with these creatures, the little girl would like to know them better, in order to be able to understand them better. So she decides to write to a famous naturalist specialised in the study of monsters. In response, the man sends her a catalogue bringing together some of the most incredible monsters he has crossed paths with during his career.

This work takes on the form of a catalogue presenting 25 portraits of monsters.

Following wolves and dragons, we have opted for another good theme: monsters. The first two books having sold well, we believe strongly in the potential of this one as well. And in order to freshen up the series, while at the same time keeping with its spirit, we have collaborated with a new talented duo.

A monstrously zany and poetic universe where you will make funny encounters...

The Author

Grégoire Kocjan was born in Montbéliard in 1974. After studies in philosophy in Strasbourg, he changed direction, moving towards the artistic milieux of performances for young audiences, and in 2001 he created the Badabulle troupe. Today, he shares his time between his different careers: actor, musician and author. Prolific, he releases work with numerous publishers, including l'Atelier du poisson soluble, (Following Niurk Niurk, The Last Cowboy, The Abominable Mr Schteuple, Will Nice Princesses Be Mean Queens?, The Mysterious Unsolvable Mysteries, etc.).

The Illustrator

Mateo has always been fascinated with monsters and other strange creatures. After studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, he succeeded in bringing together his two passions, drawing and monsters, and in making a career out of it. In 2005 he opened a gallery in Berlin, where he displays his work, then a second one in 2011.

At the same time, he was discovered by publishers and he began publishing children's books, including Monsta (2018), released in over ten languages. The Incredible Catalogue of Monsters will be his first book to appear in France, where he is eagerly awaited.

The Incredible Catalogue of Monsters - Margot -
The Incredible Catalogue of Monsters - Margot -