15 years and up

13,5 x 21 cm

408 pages

​18€ TTC


by Laëtitia Danae




Lune pourpre, between magic and shamanism, reason and madness, the initiation will be addictive.

The internet success in book form at last!


A complete universe and epic adventure, inhabited by maleficent and fascinating creatures, in which the choice of a totem animal will be a determining factor. A heroine with an extraordinary destiny, in search of her true nature.


The first volume of the saga Lune Pourpre by author/blogger Laëtitia Danae

● A complete universe, inhabited by fantastic and magical creatures, in which the choice of a totem animal is crucial.

● A heroine with an extraordinary destiny in search of her true powers but obliged to hide her true nature.

● A fantastic story which evokes the themes of self-acceptance and tolerance

● An author/blogger, Laëtitia Danae, well-known in the blogosphere and on social networks.

The Book:


"One day, I was told that this intensified power in me could no longer be hidden. For the well-being of all oppressed species, I owe it to myself to be initiated."


Lilith, country girl, lives self-sufficiently in a remote village, full of superstitions and divinity cults. Obliged to dissimulate her true nature, she one day receives a visit from a singular man, who claims to be able to protect her from all dangers. Despite herself, Lilith will have to face new responsibilities, in a world where she is considered as an icon capable of bringing back to Hibendrill the splendor it once had long ago.


An extraordinary adventure meeting a young girl with a singular destiny who must leave in search of her true nature.

The Author:

Laëtitia Danae is a young woman who was born one April 20th in the region of Paris. She grew up in France, though she has origins from five different countries. She became attracted to the smell of books at around the age of ten after receiving a gift that changed everything. It is not until the age of fifteen that she launched herself in the adventure in trying her hand at writing. Fantasy has always been an obvious penchant for her, a way of living her dreams through her characters.