It's a Watermelon


by Pierre Charentus




So you're wondering what Miranda the camel and Jean-Michel the goose could tell one other when they cross pathes? Have you always dreamed of witnessing the meeting between Zoro and a guy dressed up as the Mont-Blanc mountain?

Then this book is for you !

Existential discussions or questioning about vegetable pâté, little worries, slices of life or epic adventures... Pierre Charentus delivers us a nugget of humour and poetry. He brings us into an off-the-wall universe, tinged with absurdity and sensitivity, with a graphic style in the vein of Georges Clooney de Valette, with a tone akin to Bastien Vives (Love, The Family, Video Games, etc.), or of Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï by Fabcaro.



"What's that?

- A motorbike.

- No, that.

- What? The palm tree?

- Yes.

- It's a palm tree.



Pages: 200 -- Format: 15 x 21 cm -- RP: 9.90 €