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44 pages

Format : 21 X 27 cm


It's much too long to tell

by Isabelle Demotte & Monica Berengo

This picture books evokes back-to-school, from the point of view of a little girl. Each moment of the day, from saying goodbye to mommy in the morning up to when school gets out, is told through short sequences which gracefully share the impressions of the child and of her classmates.


Through light writing, the author builds bridges between the immediate experience of the little reader rediscovering school and the parents' memories. Isabelle Damotte carries out the encounter of her own experience as a school teacher with the sensitive and attentive inspiration that characterises her as an author.


Monica Barengo's work lights up this moving moment magnificently. The teacher appears huge in comparison with her little students, with surprised faces. By playing with proportions and colours, the illustrator reconstructs a universe in which parents and children can imagine themselves. We are very happy to find again in this work the fine quality of Monica Barengo's compositions, for which her previous picture books have drawn particular attention.


© 2012 

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