Saute la Puce - Thomas Fersen and Benoît Debecker

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Format: 26 x 38 cm

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Jumping Fleas
by Thomas Fersen & Benoît Debecker

A grandfather tells his grandson about the incredible history of the ukulele. He knows what he’s talking about, since he is one of the three inventors of the instrument!
One day, Manuel Nunes, José do Espírito Santo and Augusto Dias leave Madera for the Sandwich Islands, full of hope and enthusiasm, but the work on the sugarcane plantations is hard. Thankfully they brought a little stringed instrument with them, and in they evenings they play to remember their home and warm their hearts.
“The sound that came from the little instrument amazed all those who listened and even scared some people. Isn’t it strange after all that a piece of wood is able to sing?! Others thought it was black magic; perhaps a demon’s evil spell was trapped inside the tiny instrument, ready to leap out from its circular opening.”
The three friends couldn’t have imagined that the small instrument would have such a huge effect on their lives…
Thomas Fersen’s story is charming, playful and full of life.

Thomas Fersen

Storyteller and songwriter since 1993, Thomas Fersen took his time to create his own orignal style which stands apart in the French musical scene. Over the years, he has continued to reach out to larger and larger audiences.
Newcomer prize for his first album, “Le Bal des oiseaux”(1994 )at the Victoires de la musique. Raoul Breton Prize (1998).
Charles Cros Academy prize for « Qu4tre » (2000) – more than 225,000 copies sold.
Chevalier of Arts and Letters (2003).
Songwriting medal from the Académie Française (2018). Nearly a million albums sold. More than 1200 concerts.

Benoit Debecker

Parisian author and illustrator, Benoît Debecker works primarily for children’s magazines and publishing houses. In his work, created primarily with India ink and watercolours, he pays special attention to the clarity and comprehension of images. He has published numerous books and collaborated with Seuil Jeunesse, Magnard, Sarbacane, Hachette, Grasset, Albin Michel, La Martinière, Bayard… Some of his most recent work includes Émile le crocodile and Agnès l’ogresse (Seuil Jeunesse, 2019 and 2020) which received great praise from Olivia de Lamberterie during Télé matin, on France 2 television.

Thomas Fersen and Benoît Debecker
Thomas Fersen and Benoît Debecker