Picture Book

18,8 × 25,1 cm

16 €



The Colander

By Clarisse Lochmann

A small girl is striving to recall an evanescent dream. The details become hazy, accentuating the oddness of the situations. Memory is like a colander! The attempt to remember dream sequences is fruitless – the lasting of memories is as flimsy as their interpretation. Clarisse Lochmann's technique of superimposing ink and solid digital colours lends itself perfectly to creating the sense of surreal peculiar to the universe of dreams. Following her first immediate success with the title Dans la queue, this young author-illustrator brings us another picture book with a much more ambitious but equally successful topic.


Clarisse Lochmann studied graphic design in Paris. Her method focuses on colour and transparency – combining hand-painted illustrations (in ink, for example) with computer-drawn shapes. The contrast between the two techniques creates a situation she likes to experiment with.