13 years and up

13,5 x 24 cm

432 pages

​18€ TTC

Land of Oblivion

by Jessica Lumbroso




With her fifth novel, Jessica Lumbroso creates a fantastic world of legends, rules and prophecies.


The first volume of a new three-volume saga.

The Book:


During a strange night, Eva barely escapes death. Accompanied by Bastien, a mysterious young man who seems to dedicate his life to her, she is confronted with her new reality: she is none other than Maeve, a Fairie born in another world, the Land of Oblivion. She is destined to become powerful.

From then on, fate takes the upper hand. And to survive, there is no other choice but to return to the world where they were born.

In the shadows, the Damned are plotting a rebellion: they kidnap and kill in the name of freedom. But Kay, a powerful Metamorph, raises an army to fight them. In this world split into two, it will be up to Éva and Bastien to choose their sides. War is threatening to break out and freedom has no price.

The Author:

An introverted and lonely child, Jessica Lumbroso loved nothing better than reading: escaping into imaginary worlds of excitement, laughter and tears.

She started writing at the age of ten, secretly hoping to transport her readers as far as her own dreams had taken her. She has never stopped writing since.

After social studies, she returned to her original passion when she realized how therapeutic and essential writing had become for her. With a diploma in book making, she worked in a publishing, and then in a bookstore.