Since 1989, l’Atelier du Poisson Soluble has been offering a wildly diverse range of books for the youngest child to the oldest - and beyond! We are proud to present an excellent range of exciting stories full of colorful images that are mesmerizing and fun for children and their parents.


This means outstanding writing, illustrations, design, editing, production - the best of everything that goes into creating a good book for children. All our books reflect the richness and diversity of the world children live in today.


Thanks to a reputation as a haven for superior talent, and renowned for truly original publishing, we have become an indispensable name for all our customers in France.


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Non fiction Books that Speak About Picture Books
by Various Artists

The Backstage of Children's Books
Anymore questions?

Non-fiction Books
by Various Artists

Genetic Chimeras
Transgenic Bestiary
The Museum of Amusing Muzzles
The little monkey who didn’t know how to color
Mammoth: Secret Defense
The Sperm that Did Not Know...

Board Books
by Various Artists

The end of the line
I love fishing / I love swimming
I love fishing / I love swimming
Don't make me lough
Miller, Are You Sleeping_
Tchou tchouuuu

Partnership with Museums:

Leonardo casts around
The Louvre's Wolf
Vote Victorine
Miss Lisa
I've got a knack
Gustave's Door
The Headless Victory
The Extra Little Less

Books illustrated
by Joao Vaz de Carvalho

I Love Fishing - I Love Swimming
And Then I Saw...
My Favorite Silly Things

Books illustrated

by Nathali Vessié-Hodges

Leonardo casts around
Big Bad and Shady


books byAnne Letuffe

It's all me
The Toddler


books by Mickaël Soutif

Macabre Dance

Contemporary Tales, Picture Books
by Various Artists

The Queens
Circus Lady
Anizou and the Reenchanted Forest
My friend the caterpillar
The Colander
The Fleas and the Fox
The Abominable Mr Schteuple
There are monsters in my room
The Giant
The wandering child
Angela and the Cherry Tree
Blaise's Troubles
That Changes Everything
Grandma Shrimp
The Crocodile’s Stomach
Six Sausages On Wheels
The Stain
By The Way
The Island of Mysterious Animals
A Woman and A Man
The Lunchite of Mrs Fly
A Story Is...
The Day I Lost My Time
The Songs of Lalie Creeps
Why I Won't Eat Daddy at Breakfast
An eye for an eye
Tomorrow, I will come back
The Little Girl Who Wanted to See...
Peter in the Kingdom Below
The Elephant Who Smoked from the Tru
The Guy
Silences of Stones
Lulu, Don't Put Your Nose in...
Me, Ivan Crocodile
The Tyrant, The Violin-Maker and the
One Year, One Day
On Tiptoes
Adela Mortadella
The Oak of the Hog Who Weaves
Chimera's Island
Angela and the Cherry Tree

Children Picture Books, 3 years and up

by Various Artists




Another Thursday
In the queue
Me, Mom, Dad and Lindolfo
Le burlu
The Last Cow-boy
The Cherrycakeski
jerome, Amedee and the Giraffes
In Your Arms
The Invader
The present of grandma wolf
Why I don't eat daddy?
Skiing in Mashed Potatoes
The epic story of the...
Hide and seek
Mr Rat

Reinterpreted Fairytales
by Various Authors

Four Little Pigs, a Rabbit, a Cow, a Beaver, and a Wolf!
Deep in the forest
The Old Goat
Several Times Upon a Time
The Better to Eat You
Goldi and the 3 Bears
The Tumbledown House of Jam
The Prince and the Pea
Three Small Panties

Books by Yann Fastier

Anymore Questions ?
Andromede and Jeremy
The Most Beautiful
little Angel
Georges Guingouin
Zapata is Alive!
Santa Claus Is All Worked Up
dede the DIY
Savoir Vivre.jpg
A Crumb Under the Duvet

A Twist on Phylosophy

Books by Fabien Soret

Books by Jean Gourounas

What are you doing?
So, they won’t bite?
Doesn't it work?
Is it Nice?
To work!
The Little Red Hen
Jenny the Cow-Girl

Books by Patrick Pasques

Books by Clarisse Lochmann

Books illustrated by Joanna Concejo

Short stories by the author Elsa Valentin


A great author for young readers.


A CD audio will be available with this beautiful short stories soon.

Books by Sylvain Victor

Books by Delphine Perret

Books by Claire Cantais

The Headless Victory Persists
Vote Victorine
Big Bang Pop
Little Lion

Hairy Books

by Claire Cantais

Raoul the Terror
Rosalie Loves the Color Pink
My Name is not Bernard

Funny Tiny Books (9x12 cm)
by Various Artists

Gothic Books
by Various Artists

Comic Books
by Various Artists

The Mysteries of Jeannot et Rebecca
Kroak and the Ice Giants
Hamour Noir
Pome or The Little Things
The Big Sweet Wolf
The Darkness Mess