15 years and up

13,5 x 21 cm

408 pages


Lighten The Darkness

by Nicolas Bouchard


Black magic and white magic, reason against witchcraft. An enchanting tale set in 17th century Paris.


A new novel in the crossing of genres (fantasy, historic novel, adventure) by Nicolas Bouchard, a well-known author of science fiction!


The first work in a series of three volumes about the adventures of the mercenary-philosopher René Descartes.

● A novel that mixes genres: fantasy, adventure, historic novel.

● A sumptuous world, between reason and sorcery, pagan beliefs and science.

● Nicolas Bouchard: a well-known author of science fiction.

● A series consisting of several volumes which follow the adventures of the "philisopher-combatant"

The Book:


1640. A province has disappeared. It seems that hell has been unleashed on the peaceful valley of Ouraos, an enchanted territory of the Jura and birthplace of the princess Sophronia. The stars have grown dim, a greenish mist is gliding everywhere. The inhabitants, terrified, shut themselves away at home. Frigg, an ancient pagan goddess, has been spotted accompanied by an army of monsters...


Recruited in miserable and swarming Paris of the 17th century by the Cardinal de Richelieu, four men are designated to fight against the powers of darkness: a foot soldier, a musketeer, a gunner and an army mercenary. But the Cardinal enlists a fifth stooge in the person of the brilliant philosopher and former mercenary René Descartes.


His objective: to submit witchcraft to the law of reason, and in the end, to lighten the darkness.


A novel at the crossroads, between adventure, sorcery and historic novel.