Created in 2012, Margot Editions has only one watchword: make beautiful books! Carefully crafted objects, with refined finishing touches and page layouts that highlight the illustrations. Indeed that's why we've turned to children's books, a creative and enchanting domain.

In 2014, a collection of comics came to be, on the wings
of this same wish: to tell stories, beautiful stories,
in words and images.

Welcome to the world of Margot!


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Illustrated Novels

The Blue-Handed Shepherd

by Pierre-Luc Granjon - Samuel Ribeyron

The Blue-Handed Shepherd

Picture Books writte by Bernard Villiot

Le Malotru
Samy Bear's Journey

Jumping Fleas
by Thomas Fersen & Benoît Debecker

Jumping Fleas

Books illustrated 

by Thibault Prugne 

Books illustrated 

by Éric Puybaret

The Ocean of Emotions

Fear of the Dark

Incredible Catalogs

The Fantastical Catalogue of Witches and Wizards
The Big Bad Catalogue of Wolves
The fantastic catalogue of dragons and other creatures
The Incredible Catalogue of Monsters

Books illustrated 

by Étienne Friess

Here lie all the birds
Clotaire 1
Clotaire 2
Clotaire 3

Books illustrated 

by Benjamin Lacombe


by Patrick Prugne


By Alexandre Day & POG


by Anne-Fleur Drillon and Clément Lefèvre


by various authors and illustrators