Picture Book

Age group: from 5 years old

Pages: 40 -- Format: 38 x 27 cm -- RP: 19.90 €


by Anne-Fleur DRILLON and Éric PUYBARET

Anatole spends his time drawing flying machines on the white pages of his school notebooks, under the much-amused eyes of the swallow Mireille, the boy's bird. One evening, an old man moves into the house next door. Intrigued and a bit frightened, the little boy observes this strange man walking among the odds and ends that he has piled up in his garden. Until the day when, unable to calm his curiosity, he goes to explore these fabulous treasures. The boy unearthes all that's needed to build the machine of the century! At the wheel of his flying race car, Anatole pedals like mad when suddenly, he appears.

That is, a friend named Léon, who will become the accomplice of the little boy and accompany him on the pursuit of his dream.