20 x 28 cm

40 pages

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My Suitcase, Her Name is Germaine

by Thomas Fersen & Marianne Ratier

My Suitcase, Her Name is Germaine


Marianne Ratier and Thomas Fersen join forces to recount the adventures of Germaine, the suitcase that makes a tour of the world!


She is checkered with chestnut brown and she was born in China. Lugged around the world by her owner, Germaine gets bumped around in the baggage hold. At the border post, sniffed and observed by curious animals. She might be patched up and with a handle which is not the original, but Germaine holds up well, and as the song says: "Ley's go where destiny leads us", "Let's do it our way". We are never alone with a suitcase, there are memories inside and promises of trips to New York. We can find many objects in a suitcase: useful, useless and sometimes illicit.


Illustrations inspired by the famous song by Thomas Fersen.


Large format evoking the feeling of traveling.


The third picture book by Marianne Ratier, illustrator and author of Raccoon's Feast.

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