36 x 26 cm

32 pages

Retail Price : 18 €

Never without my gorilla comforter

by CInzia Sileo

A child yes, but never without their comforter. It goes with them on their daily trials, and especially at the start of the new school year. By mixing watercolour and pencil drawing, in this extra-large book, the author evokes the unique link that exists between a child and their comforter.


The book :

Master Julien’s pupils arrive at school for the first time. What could be better than taking your cuddly toy to give yourself courage and make friends?

The gorilla-comforter protects Camille; Gaspard is no longer a coward with his cheetah comforter; the whale-comforter soothes all pain, and Gaston is afraid of nothing with his lion-comforter!

But one comforter has been abandoned. Who does it belong to? It's super rabbit, master Julien, the schoolteacher’s comforter.

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