Nocturne cover.jpg

Picture Book

3 and up 23.0 X 28.5 cm

32 pages

Hardcover CAN $19,95


by Emmanuel Simard & Maud Legrand

A light draws Jules outside his house, while the whole family sleeps. Thus begins his adventure in the night


A first picture book for Emmanuel Simard. The pleasure of exploration, and the surprises that night brings.

Themes: animals, night, fear

The author:

After his studies in the arts, Emmanuel Simard came to Montreal where he published three collections of poetry (Bush Poets) and as he cannot do without books, he is a bookseller in Montreal.

The illustrator:

Brushes and small colorful papers at hand, Maud Legrand began her journey through the Decorative Arts of Strasbourg. She has published numerous books.

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