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Oko's Flowers

By Laëtitia Danaë



Laëtitia Danaë returns strongly with the new series Oko's Flowers, following the successful saga Purple Moon ! A new galaxy of characters, a spirit of fantasy blending shamanism and Bildungsroman for the young Oko, from the Cendrée tribe. Battles, love and training... the first volume reveals a fantastic dreamlike universe !


The Book:

The story takes place in the kingdom of Sangaré, a matriarchal society subdivided into several tribes, also called "lands". The capital (Ivory lands) is at the heart of it all. The closer the lands are to the capital, the more they benefit from privileges.


Ex : Oko the Cendrée comes from the Cendré tribe, which itself belongs to Lointain. In the eyes of royalty, these lands only present limited interest. In this society, religion is omnipresent. People pray to a great goddess, mother of all things, known for her wisdom and kindness. It is said that she attributed full power to women and that, since then, it has been incumbent upon them to direct society in order to take care of the world she created. Thus, women are the great decision-makers of this society, it is they who lead the world. Men, on the other hand, are in charge of realising the most arduous work and of making war for the women, all the while obeying them blindly. A tiny part of the male population is gifted with magic powers. It is extremely rare that a woman benefits from this gift.

Oko is a young girl who has grown up with a loving father and an often absent mother. At the age of 16, her father, as well as all the men of her village, is selected among those who will go lead a war of conquest for the queen. Her father never comes back.

Her mother, Diango, has directed the village with the other wise women for a long time. Her strategies and her good advice are respected by everyone. After the death of her husband, she flees her responsibilities as a mother by embracing her career as a leader. So much and so well that she is recruited by another tribe, closer to the capital than the Cendrée tribe. For many years now, she has neglected her daughter and no longer comes to see her...

Oko is 22 years old the day she finds out that Shomari the Amaranthe is looking for an aspirant to succeed him. Known as the greatest enchanter of the world, he worked alongside the Ivory Queen, her mother before her and even her grandmother. After good and loyal services, Shomari wishes to pass the mantle. For that, he is traveling all throughout Sangaré, in search of an apprentice equal to the task.

With nothing holding her to her village anymore, Oko decides to introduce herself to Shomari. She knows that her chances are slim, as it is well-known that magic powers, when handled by a woman, are not as

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