15 years and up

13,5 x 21 cm

240 pages


On The Island of Lucifer

by Serge Quadruppani

La Réserve Sauvage, our stories, our lives, our trajectories...


The Book:


One spring morning, Tom, ten years old, discovers the body of a man, a stake planted in his chest, in the hole left by the stump of a cut-down pine tree.


The man is Didier Dubois, site manager for the cutting-down of the Aitre forest.


Called to the scene, Captain Sylvie Mercure leads the investigation, with the help of the police force. When a second murder is committed, suspicions are naturally directed towards military members of the free Plateau Commune, who fight against taking down the trees.


But the suspects reveal themselves to be numerous and unusual: a witch who makes the dead speak, a Haitian priest, a Chilean exile...


Strange characters and an atmosphere full of tension for a dark and intriguing novel at the limits of the supernatural.


- a novel that mixes genres: detective and fantasy

- a criminal investigation at the heart of a Defense Zone

- a recognized author in the world of the detective novel (Prix Quai du Polar 2011)

● An author published in Lundi Matin, Siné Mensuel and Le Monde Diplomatique

● Author of around 30 works of fiction, including novels, investigations, as well as articles

● Winner of the Prix Quai du Polar in 2011

● A gripping novel which weaves elements of detective and fantasy

● An investigation at the heart of a Defense Zone