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by Johanna Marines




If the air became toxic, how far would you be willing to go in order to breath ? Following the success of Ashes, Johanna Marines returns with Oxygen, a futuristic science fiction novel. The author describes the consequences of humanity’s downward spiral in imagining a world in which new technologies are essential to survival.


The book :

2216, the rise of sea levels and pollution have transformed the modern world, increasing the rifts between the population, whose survival depends on oxygen tank transplants, with different levels of battery life according to social status.

But how can you live your dreams when the air itself is bought and sold like common goods ?

In Toronto, rebellion begins. Maïa and Naos, on the search for truth, will have to choose between joining in or enduring society’s demands.


Author :

Passionnate about science and biotechnology, Johanna Marines is currently preparing a research thesis in biology, after pharmaceutical studies. Influenced by literature of the imagination, such as La nuit des temps by René Barjavel or Un éclat de givre by Estelle Faye, she enjoys imagining probable futures for humanity.



Johanna Marines uses real events (the rise in water levels, the melting of glaciers, pollution, the extinction of animal species) in order to describe a possible scenario in the evolution of our world.

Significant research has been undertaken in order to develop a society in which differences in social status are at their height.

She makes use of both the codes crime fiction and dystopia literature to keep the reader breathless until the story reaches its conclusion.

Bloggers are unanimous: Johanna Marines' book is a "lucid and relevant novel, which has the merit of making us think as well as inciting us to act for a better world." Florent - Blog: For ever dreamer

"The course the tale follows is of a remarkable clarity, the sequences link together harmoniously and the the unfolding of the action is full of surprises, brought about by the two heroes' search for truth, which they are determined to reveal".


Many readers will perceive between the lines the description of a society based on the one at the origin of the cataclysm, in which the lure of profit and the thirst for power direct the leaders, whose schemes are met with little resistance from the citizens, seemingly struck with amnesia even after having undergone the worst of hardships. "But be careful, because in this city where all is illusion, the smell of rebellion floats in the air".


A highly recommended first novel, fruit of a lush imagination, and which won't stay alone for long." Millan - Mediapart