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Picture Book

Age group: 6 years and up

Pages: 32

Format: 30 x 30 cm

RP: 13,50 €

Papa Bears

by Pog & Clotilde Goubely

Following « C’est du propre ! » POG and C. Goubely are back with a very large picture book about back to school time… for dad’s!

Organisation, stress… It’s not only humans that find this period complicated… in the animal world all the dads are completely panicked! It’s back to school time… and not just for kids! In order to be ready for this very special day, the dads have to go back to school too. Singing nursery rhymes or changing diapers with your eyes closed might be as easy as pie, but what will it be like at school in front of the other parents? Theory is one thing, but getting down to the practical business might be more complicated. Will they manage? Mr. Bear, Mr. Badger and Mr. Rabbit are going to have to stick together in order to succeed, because the ladies have decided to leave them high and dry and see how the men manage…



Born in 1977, Pog lives and works in Brittany. He finds his inspiration in children, life’s tiny details and in cinema... He has written around fifty story books for children and comic books for adults.

Clotilde Goubely

Clotilde Goubely was born in France and currently lives in Brussels. She is an art school graduate, a teacher in graphic design and a children’s book illustrator. Her work has appeared in children’s magazines and books as well as in advertisements.

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