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Gender and Evolution

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

copyright for the illustration Dominika Lipniewska

Good morning from Paris, this is Daniela Bonerba and it is currently 10am. The topic today for this third episode of “Sipping coffee and sharing ideas” is: Gender and Evolution. Gender is a very fashionable theme, one for which we wish to see the biggest success in our society. Our domain is one that is able to influence people's thinking considerably, particularly that of parents and children, and as publishers, agents, distributors, marketers, booksellers, authors and illustrators, we are responsible for raising public awareness regarding all that is hidden behind this word: gender. As a child, I dreamed of conquering the world with dolls. Territories were shared between my sister and I, and we imagined ourselves as all-powerful queens. By chance I grew up in a privileged context. My parents received strong influence of the revolutions of '68, an influence that allowed me to grow up in a spirit of no limits, in which there was never thought of opposing men and women. I was a girl and I was like a boy, capable of doing anything. I was the best student in math class and I was also gifted in writing, as well as passionate about literature. In my family, my grand mother was an orphan on her father's side, and she grew up believing a woman to be man's equal. Thus I was born into an auspicious universe, thanks to cultural movements and the particular reality of a matriarchal family. Questions regarding gender open up the discussion to certain aspects of tradition present in all cultures, and for many people this conflict is unsettling. We must at once respect fears and also find the right language to help people overcome them, for a better life for our future generations. May we be courageous and of our books demand the strength of gentleness and persuasion. Re-write the role of women in society, that of men, the true needs of children, command editorial courage for the good of society. It all plays out in the details. The toys and the books that kids grow up with, and which we put in their hands, hold too deep an importance to be taken lightly, and publishing has a significant responsibility in its role as mediator, to lead people to understanding and to bring about evolution within our societies. That’s all for today, I hope you have enjoyed this third episode of ‘sipping coffee & sharing ideas’. Write me with your thoughts! I love the idea, on my side, of taking a break to read you. Cheers! Daniela

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