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The Child Within Us

copyright for the illustration Elena Baboni

Good morning from Paris, where it is currently 10am, This is Daniela and today my aim is to share with you a short little thought I had a few days ago.

A dreaming child should not be woken up. They have the power of dreams and the grace of the sleeping child.

Adults have a great responsibility: they have to convey their moral integrity, not only to the children around them, but to those of the world. There is a sense of what is right that can be transmitted to everyone without the need to embrace beliefs or evoke idols.

Be silent, close your eyes and look inwards, recognize the child you once were and think about how we started out. Silence, close your eyes and listen: there’s a little voice, right there, right now; it’s talking to us. Can you hear? Let it slowly travel through your body and touch your heart. Let it rise up to your throat, make your vocal cords vibrate, move your tongue and then your whole mouth and let it come out of you so that it can live and make this world happy.

I would like to thank you for spending this time with me. This was the fourth episode of “Sipping coffee and sharing ideas”. Don’t forget to write me! I would be so delighted to take a break to read you.

Have a great day and bye for now!


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