Picture Book

18 × 26,6 cm

48 pp.

18 €




by Artur Skriabin & Joanna Concejo

A melancholy reverie about childhood memories. It snowed that day in Senegal, but it’s the emotion of a mother’s song that resurfaces behind the story.

A subtle alliance between a deep formal need and a surface sensitivity characterizes Joanna Concejo's work and provides the key to her international recognition. For this female companion to Quand les groseilles seront mûres, published by Poisson soluble in 2015, her universe unfolds in the spaces left by the gentle clarity of Artur Scriabin’s text.


Joanna Concejo was born in early spring, when the first flowers begin to bloom, in Slupsk, Poland. A drawing and illustration graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, she moved to France in 1994.