young adults

13,5 x 21 cm

240 pages


Solar Blast

by Delphine Laurent



Supernova, tomorrow is today: the dystopias of the new generation.


The anticipated novel at the crossroads of genres between scientific enigma and timeless legends. The "Mortensen event", as we call it, is a magnetic storm emanating from the sun and which threatens the activity of all the western world's satellites as well as our societies. Collective fear, prophesies, apocalyptic blast... a dizzying choral novel.

● A detective plot in the style of Arthur Conan Doyle that mixes the codes of adventure, fantasy and gothic literature.

● Thanks to the author's research, the internet audience was won over by the descriptions of London in the 19th century.

●A more realistic and exciting vision of London than ever, between the ill-famed neighbourhoods, the inns and the places of debauch on the ond hand, and the high society manors on the other.

● A novel in the pure "steampunk" style, mixing inventions, coined words and realistic 19th century descriptions.

The Book:

A huge solar eruption threatens to paralyse transmissions of the entire northern hemisphere. At the same time, around the world, the life of millions of men and women is changed dramatically when the Space Weather Centre is forced to cut the electricity of all Western territories. Sam and Laly, twins, find themselves in an airplane which has been ordered to land in Kuujjuarapik, a village in the north of Canada, lost in the ices of the North Hudson Bay. They will have to learn to live in extreme conditions, all the while discovering that an ancestral prophesy links their destiny with the fate of the planet and of all humanity. In this vast glacial expanse inhabited by the Inuit and the Native Indians, people gave their diverse beliefs and legends as to the cause of this catastrophe. The tale of the Great Night, announcing the end of all time, is considered by the Inuit to be the moment when the sun will die, as pronounced by the harmful spirit they call "wendigo". One of the twins must die as a sacrifice in order to prevent the prohesy from unfolding...

The Author:

Delphine Laurent was born in Switzerland in 1974. A trained biologist, she went to study dolphins in Hawaii, then in Florida.


She currently lives in London where she juggles between her life as a biology professor, a mother and a novel writer.


She published Nohea in 2014, Nous Sommes Tous Ceux du Refuge in 2016 and Le Lien du Faucon in 2017, three novels for teenagers.


● A chosen author of the laureate review Frissons d'or.

● The first volume 100% Blast of a trilogy about the "Mortensen event": the interplanetary scourge that will change the history of humanity.

● A dystopia based on events that happened in 1859, year during which a blast occurred around the Earth. Chain reactions followed: giant boreal aurora, major electric malfunctioning as well as... the appearance of day in the middle of the night.