The Alleyway in Winter - Edition D'Eux -

Picture Book
3 and up
28 X 17.8 cm
44 pages
Hardcover CAN $20,95

The Alleyway in Winter

by Céline Comtois & Geneviève Després

The Book:
Elodie goes to play outside, in the alleyway, in the snow. Aimée joins her as well as many other friends. A fort, made of snow...
This alleyway really creates friendships ! A pleasure to meet with Elodie again in a new adventure which confirms the writing talent of Céline Comtois and the artistic mastery of Geneviève Després.

Themes: friendship, city, creativity

The Author:
Curious, a dreamer, imaginative, Céline Comtois has always loved to escape into little or big stories. However, she searched through books and on school benches for a way to become a musician, historian, teacher and even a pilot, before returning to her childhood passions and settling into the world of children's literature.
After ten years of having fun in this realm, reading, rhapsodizing and recommending books of others, along her path she met those who would inspire her and lead her towards writing her first book, The Alleyway.

The Illustrator:
When she was small, Geneviève Després played with trucks, balls and pencil crayons. She jumped, climbed and moved all the time. This hasn';t changed much, apart from not playing with trucks anymore... However she still practises several sports, loves traveling, always has plenty of projects on the go and never stays still.
She has been lucky to have lived in France and in Italy with her small family. It is there that she decided to focus on illustrating children's books. Since her return to Quebec in 2007, she has been illustrating youth picture books with great pleasure. She uses various materials for her illustrations (tapestry, cardboard, paper craft) and alternates between gouache and acrylic paint, as well as
pastels and wooden pencil crayons. She would love to begin writing her own stories and to be published around the world !
She now lives on the south bank of Montreal with her two sons, her partner and all kinds of birds and squirrels who watch her draw at her window.

The Alleyway in Winter - Edition D'Eux -
The Alleyway in Winter - Edition D'Eux -
The Alleyway in Winter - Edition D'Eux -