26 cm × 38 cm

64 pages

Price: 19,90€

The Big Bad Catalogue of Wolves

by Laurence Kubler & Étienne Friess

Do you sometimes wonder if the three little pigs feel a certain weariness in face of the big bad wolf who is so stubborn about following them? Well, imagine they are annoyed ! To the point that, one day, they decide to write to Mister Perrault in order to express their irritation.


In response, our three little pigs receive a catalogue of wolves so as to choose a replacement for the big bad wolf: the hooligan wolf, the clumsy wolf, the express wolf, the mini-wolf... There are all types for all preferences !


This work takes on the form of a catalogue of wolves that groups together 27 portraits of colourful wolves. It is a funny and poetic stroll full of allusions to the universe of fairytales.