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Picture book

26 cm x 38 cm

64 pages



The Blue-Handed Shepherd

By Pierre-Luc Granjon - Samuel Ribeyron

Madalen, the shepherd, lives with her two children on a lost island in the middle of the ocean. Life goes peacefully by; but there is a shadow in the painting. Each year, Kelen, the father, takes to sea, unable to ignore the call of the ocean.

One day, Gael, the son, catches a fabulous silver fish. So beautiful that it's difficult to resist, so cold that it corrupts the heart...

An unusual tale, a veritable ode to traveling, freedom and love. A timeless story to charm all ages, magnificently illustrated by a talented artist.

Pierre-Luc Granjon (text)

Principally a maker of animated films, including The Four Seasons of Léon, The White Wolf, A Little Escape, and scriptwriter (Snow, Zibilla), Pierre-Luc sometimes takes a step aside and becomes illustrator or author of books for children (The Return of Super-Beige, The Child Without a Mouth).

Samuel Ribeyron  (illustrations)

He became known as an author/illustrator with Philbert, his first picture book for children (Didier Jeunesse, 2003). Since then, he has released works with numerous publishing houses, such as Milan (The Mitten, Grandpa and His Very Little Granddaughter), Hongfei (Yllavu, Pi, Po, Pierrot, It's not very complicated) or Seuil Jeunesse (The Creature in my Garden).

He is also a volume production designer for animated cinema at Folimage studio  (Léon's Winter, Mélie's Spring, Boniface's Summer, Pougne and Neige's Autumn). With Éditions Corridor, he realised his first short animated film, A Beautiful Trip.

Samuel also illustrates the picture books of the singer Amélie-les-crayons.

Today, he shares his time between cinema and publications for youth.

The Blue-Handed Shepherd - Margot -
The Blue-Handed Shepherd - Margot -