The call from the sea

by Cathy Ytak et Laurent Corvaisier

Picture Book

24 × 34 cm

48 pp.

17,50 €

seven years and up



This album talks about the sea, exile, migration, roots and uprooting, peace and war, travel, solidarity, ecology, protection of humans, animals and plants.

The thoughtful poetics of Cathy Ytak and colourful and generous watercolours by Laurent Corvaisier gently stimulate reflection on the attitude of man towards nature and the harshness of today’s world. While increasing awareness of the beauty and fragility of nature, the book encourages children to dream, to reinvent a different world – This is a book full of hope!

After studying graphic design and bookbinding, Cathy Ytak did hundreds of odd jobs, then worked 7 years in a photographer’s shop before moving on to journalism, a profession she abandoned to “go into literature”. Today, she divides her time between writing novels (for the young and adults) and literary translation (from Catalan). She lives in Saint Malo.


Laurent Corvaisier pursues a triple activity as a painter, illustrator and, since 1995, a teacher at the National School of Decorative Arts where he also carried out his studies. His book Meknès er Bienvenue was published by A pas de loups. Rue du monde, Actes Sud junior and Didier Jeunesse have also published his albums. He also writes for the press. He lives in Paris.


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