The city of chimeras

by Vania Prates



The Old World is gone. London has been replaced by for Lowndon Fields. People are organised into guilds, guided by theirchi, their life force: the guild of merchants, inventors, alchemists,immergeants, guides. People do their best to live in harmony with nature which is left free to develop as it wishes, wherever it will – trees and plants invade buildings and streets. Animals have become guardians, protectors of the people and particularly respected. Different guilds rule the new world. Thanks to the immergeants, they try to understand, and to avoid making the same mistakes as their ancestors. Celeste, a 17-year-old girl who does not know herchimeets Calissa, an elderly chimerist, the last of her kind. She then discovers the brotherhood of the Lawless.

Target Audience:

Young Adult


13,5 x 21 cm

432 pages

​18 €