25,5 cm × 38 cm

64 pages

Price: 19,90€

The fantastic catalogue of dragons and other creatures

by Laurence Kubler & Étienne Friess

A princess is held prisoner by a ferocious dragon in a dank dungeon in the heart of ... Just a minute ... did you say FEROCIOUS? There’s a mistake! Because instead of being foolishly terrifying, this dragon spends his days playing the harp ... At the end of her tether, the unfortunate captive decides one morning to write to the knightly Circle of the Round Table to complain about how badly she is being treated. In response, she receives a catalogue of dragons (and other creatures) from which to choose a replacement for her creepy guardian.

This book takes the form of a catalogue containing 25 portraits of dragons and other hair-raising creatures. A fantastic and quirky universe where you will make some very unusual encounters...