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Picture Book

4 and up 22 X 27.5 cm

24 pages


Hardcover CAN $18,95

The Gardener's Books

by Nadine Poirier & Claude K Dubois

A gardener who plants books and a young orphan girl have a chance meeting that will transform their lives. A strong and touching story about fatherhood and reading, woven with beautiful words and illustrations.

Themes: reading, fatherhood, empathy, solitude


The author:

Canadian author Nadine Poirier has an endless bowl of ideas and words. As she says, she seems to cook them just right…

The illustrator:

For more than 20 years, Belgian illustrator Claude K Dubois has received numerous honours and

prizes for her tender water colour illustrations.


Winner of the 2017 Littérature Gérald-Godin prize