The land of red trees

by Cécile Roumiguière & Cécile Gambini

Two children. One lives in a wonderful garden at the end of the world, the other walks behind her parents.

Two very different children. One makes up stories for her doll made of grass and vines, the other puts red shoes on her plastic doll.

Yet two children with a great deal in common. One path, one challenge, and, between these two children the start of a friendship that crosses cultures and sweeps away differences.


After a master's degree in modern literature, Cécile Roumiguière was initially an assistant director, then a screenwriter who has used her love of words and images to write over 40 books for youth and children. A pas de loups has published S'aimer and Jean-Kevin.


Cécile Gambini studied at the School of Fine Arts in Aix en Provence and graduated in Decorative Arts from Strasbourg.

Since 1999, she has written and illustrated numerous picture books for young people, including Bagabada published by A pas de loups.


Picture Book


24 × 34 cm

48 pp.

17,50 €

seven years and up



© 2012 

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