The Last of the Mohicans

Illustrated by Patrick PRUGNE

The Last of the Mohicans is the landmark work for anyone interested in the period of American history known as the French and Indian War – the battle between the French and the English in the 18th century for possession of the North American territories. This novel, which left an indelible imprint on the mind of Patrick Prugne as a child, continues to strike a special chord with him. For several years now, he has been plotting to illustrate it. Who better to capture the atmosphere of the vast untamed North American wilderness? Prugne’s work is well-known and admired, and his breathtaking watercolors will sweep readers along on a journey to these distant lands. Approximately twenty color illustrations as well as sixty drawings in color and B&W can be found throughout this book, which features an abridged version of James Fenimore Cooper’s original text, as edited by author Vanina Noël especially for this edition.

It is important to bear in mind that the original novel was written as a monthly serial in the early 19th century. All these individual episodes were later assembled to form the novel as we know it.

This edition will enjoy a deluxe large-scale format, the same size as Patrick Prugne’s most recent graphic novels, with a staggering page count – 178 pages! Special care has been lavished on the finishing touches: cloth spine and handsome paper.


In the 18th century, a war rages between the English and the French for control of the New World. A young English officer is charged with escorting Alice and Cora to see their father, Colonel Munro, in his besieged fort. Betrayed by their guide and attacked by Huron Indians, they are rescued by an old Indian chief, his son Uncas, and his adopted son Hawkeye. But will they be able to escape the merciless hostilities among the Indian tribes? This fascinating historical novel plunges us deep into wild adventure, the lives of the last Indians, and the birth of the United States. Patrick Prugne’s skilled brush brings the tale to life.