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The Little Log

by Michaël Escoffier & Kris Di Giacomo

The Book:

Robear (!!!) is writing his first story. Not easy to avoid making mistakes when you are a bear with big paws! Prepare yourself to re-read this one often, and to laugh a lot! An immense pleasure and lots of laughs while reading the errors made by Robear. A beautiful demonstration of the role of revision in writing.



writing, revision, interior dialogue


The Author:

Michaël Escoffier was born in France, in 1970. Author of around fifty picture books for youth, he discovered the world of publishing later in life. It is the meeting, in 2006, with illustrator Kris Di Giacomo which opened publishers doors for him. Other collaborations followed with various illustrators, including Manon Gauthier for Storm Over the Savannah, and Nathalie Dion for Get Up!, both published by D'eux.


The Illustrator:

Number one fan of Kermit the Frog, world champion of artistic sleep, great enthusiast of short coffee breaks and of long days off, and recipient of a gold medal for daydreaming, this American, settled in France for over thirty years now, enjoys cycling on flat land, ice cream cornettos on empty beaches and imaginary trips.

Picture Book

3 and up

Format : 24,7 cm X 19,6 cm

32 pages – Hardcover

Price - CAN $ 19,95

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